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Our Values

Our worlds have been rocked lately. A pandemic. Bullying. Hatred. Killing. Violence. Division. And while there is still good out there, it seems you have to search a little harder for it these days.

When I decided to open Dirty Hippie as a brick and mortar store, I knew I wanted it to be a place where people could be themselves. I wanted people to feel comfortable and welcome. It took me just over five years, but I finally named the official DH values.

People over profits
Progress over perfection

We were recently voted as having the best customer service in the shopping and services category in Vestavia Hills Magazine for 2020. Our values combined are what makes our customer service experience so special.

We don't believe in telling you what you want to hear just so we can make a sale. We want you to be happy and confident with your purchases. And if we don't have exactly what you need, we will help you find it.

We believe in doing what is right, even if we're the only ones doing it. We were one of the first businesses in our area to temporarily close our brick and mortar store when the COVID-19 virus began hitting Alabama. It wasn't a decision made out of fear, but out of concern for our community and beyond. Even now, while we are allowed to reopen, we are still only open to private appointments so we can provide the safest shopping experience for everyone.

We are a no-pressure boutique. Of course I love seeing those big sales come through, but I'd rather everyone have an enjoyable experience and spend $10 per week than have someone buy up half the store and never return.

I believe we should always be working on ways to improve ourselves. Once we stop doing so, what do we have to live for? Furthermore, if we have achieved perceived perfection, I believe it opens to floodgates for us to take it for granted and begin slacking on our performance.

Inclusion. This might be my favorite value. Years ago when I was single and we were beginning to lose a lot of family members, I began inviting my friends over for holiday meals. We were essentially each other's family and many didn't have nearby relatives or family of their own to fellowship with, so I opened my doors for everyone to come over. Adopting the "build a bigger table" concept has filled the emptiness in my heart left by my deceased loves ones as well as continues their legacies. At Dirty Hippie, one way we have built the proverbial bigger table is by offering almost all of our clothes in a full small through 3X sized run. It's a tedious process and we limit our potential offerings, but I would rather have a store where we don't segregate sizes than have a mediocre "separate but equal" plus size section. "Separate but equal" didn't work for education and public services and works and it doesn't work when it comes to fashion. We are all different and I believe there should be more opportunity and less division when it comes to celebrating our uniqueness.

We believe in lifting others up. We're all familiar with the term retail therapy. Finding a tangible item that sparks joy within you is great, but when you get a complementary "cup of soup for the soul" with it, it magnifies the sparks into fireworks of joy.

Service. My other favorite value. Obviously, we love customer service at Dirty Hippie. That's not a secret. We also love being in service to our community. Last year, we were able to participate in several local events and fundraisers in various capacities. Our favorite was the ARC of Central Alabama's Be-you-tiful fashion show. We loved being able to make some girls dreams reality by providing outfits for them to model, as well as being one of many sponsors of the event. Most of all, we loved all the smiling faces and uplifting celebration of diversity this event offered.

Life is hard, but shopping at Dirty Hippie doesn't have to be. Let us make it easier on you. Let us be your respite from reality, your unprofessional therapist. Let us hold you up when you feel like you are crumbling. Let us help you spread your love and your light.

And when we can all reconvene together, have no doubt, there will be "a party going on, many spirits strong."

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