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These cozy footsies will be friends to cold toes everywhere! Sizes(women's)- Small (5-6) Medium (7-8) Large (9-10) Extra-large (10.5+) Rubber nubs on the sole are strictly decorative and not meant to provide a non-slip sole. For inside relaxing only.

Can cozy Pandas get any cuter? Add some ears and a sweet message on the back of your slippers of "Bear-ly awake" and the answer is yes! .

Our Cat Nap Footsies are purrrfect for when your dozy toes need to rest. They’re plush inside and out with an adorable kitty design in front and "Cat Nap" messaging on the back.

They’re plush inside and out with an adorable puppy design in front and "Dog Tired" messaging on the back.

With "Praise the Lard" messaging on the back and cute fluffy ears, these footsies are sure to make you squeal with delight.

Our Snuggle Bunny Footsies make everyone say, "Awww" with an adorable bunny design in front and "Snuggle Bunny" messaging on the back.

love you to the Moon and back. Says it all… I couldn't love you more. A beautiful reminder to anyone special in your life. With sweet imaging on the front and "Love you to the Moon" on the back, these Footsies will cocoon your feet in love and comfort.