Gypsy Rose - Graciously Departed Skull with Sun & Roses Flag

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Graciously departed skull with sun & roses flag. The hippies of the 1960's and 1970's grew their hair for peace, in protest of the us involvement in vietnam and southeast asia. They referred to their long hair as their "freak flags" and a popular slogan, and thing to do was to "wave your freak flag high". At the gypsy rose hippie web store, many of us have long hair, but we don't wish to part with our personal "freak flags", instead we offer to you a different type of freak flag, a more conventional kind. So whether you grow your hair for peace or not, you can still make a statement. Wave your freak flag high for peace, love, & all that hippie crap!!! Size: 3' x 5' excellent quality for outdoor or indoor.