Gypsy Rose - Natural Patchouli Oil

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Natural patchouli oil. as with almost all of our items this is sold as a single piece. So if you order a quantity of 1 then you will receive 1 bottle of oil. The image may contain more than 1 for display purposes only. Thank you! We have gathered a collection of the finest oils from around the world. But this one is a strong candidate for "most popular". You may have smelled this iconic fragrance at concerts, festivals, head shops or anywhere you might find wandering hippie gypsies! Our oils are blended by hand to insure the highest quality available. Each bottle contains approximately 1/3 oz. Of perfume oil. Each bottle also has a removable roll-on applicator. Apply this fragrance as a body perfume oil, or add to bath water, oil lamps, massage oils, potpourris, etc...... Please note: our oils have not been tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. They are all natural.